Golden Scarabs

Everything you need to know about Golden Scarabs.

  • Golden Scarabs allow you to guarantee an attribute and two perks on a piece of gear, they roll between 595 and 600GS with maximum boosts.

  • They are crafted the same was as a timeless shard, but require 3 shards and 25 attribute mods per roll.

How to get

Scarabs drop from Glyph Chests and Elite Grave Offerings in Brimstone Sands.

  • For maximum odds, loot every “Glyph Chest” and “Elite Grave Offering” every day (resets at 5am server time)

Odds per chest

Chest Type0% LuckMax Luck
Elite Grave Offering7%7.41%
Glyph Chest (Elite)4%4.24%
Glyph Chest2%2.12%

Chest Runs

  • We have two routes - one for solo players and one for groups of 5+
  • You can track your character in real-time using and the overwolf plugin


  • You need to respective glyph to unlock chests in each zone.
  • It can be difficult to loot the elite zones without a group of players, if you’re alone just follow the route below.
  • This route only loots the Elite Grave Offerings in Acid Pools - these have the highest odds of a scarab.
  • This route can be found on here.


  • Follow this route in a group of 5-10+
  • Only one player needs to have the Glyphs unlocked to use the teleporters/chests, but it helps it more have it.
  • This route can be found on here.