Ultimate Abilities.

You must progress through the main story and complete Past Prologue before being able to complete Secrets of the Heartgem which will then allow you to equip your heartrunes.

  • You can craft Minor Heartrunes with Expedition Materia, or receive them as a guaranteed drop from their respective boss.

(Currently on the PTR) Bile Bomb from Simon Gray in Startstone Barrows.

Detonate from Heru in Ennead.

Grasping Vines from Alluvium Marl in Genesis.

Stoneform from Chardis in Lazarus.

Dark Ascent from Isabella in Tempest.

Cannon Blast from Admiral Blackpowder in Barnacles.


We recommend Brutal Detonate as it’s the most damage - hitting up to 14k (that I’ve seen).

  • Be aware that the 15% increased damage taken can be rough, make sure to drink a ward potion or be ready to use a health potion if needed.


As healer, you have two choices.

  1. Brutal Detonate for the damage - hitting up to 10k with your Lifestaff out.
  2. Brutal Grasping Vines for the utility - rooting and rending all mobs, best used after a big Gravity Well.


For tanks, again we recommend

  1. Brutal Detonate for damage.
  2. Greater Stoneform for extra survivability.
  3. Brutal Grasping Vines for keeping big clumps in place and rend/weaken.