Gem Choices

Mutation 10 Gem Choices.

Armour Gems

For public runs, we recommend to continue using Cut Pristine Mutation-Specific gems. There is no reason to pay the price of runeglass casing for public runs.

  • The most consistent setup is running 58.1% mutation-specific resistance, attainable with 8x mutation-specific gems.

The majority of damage in mutations is elemental, so in order to perform consistently it’s important to have a high base resistance against the mutation.

For speedrunning we recommend Runeglass of Punishing Onyx for your armour, however this setup makes you completely reliant on your healer. Do not attempt to run this in publics, unless you know the healer is good.

See here for more information about damage absorption.

Weapon Gems


Diamond or Opal are the best to slot in all weapons, in all expeditions.

  • The 50 & 100 Strength attribute perks, as well as Slash Damage on ring only apply to physical damage. This means if you use a conversion gem you cut these bonuses in half.
  • Diamond/Opal needs to have an uptime of 50% for it to be the best option - if for some reason you feel like you aren’t meeting this check, consider swapping back to an elemental gem for consistency.

Runeglass Casings

Typically not recommended, unless you’re in a coordinated team. However, they are a slight DPS increase on all weapons, as long as you’re the only one using it in the party.

  • The DoT’s status effect is based on the Runeglass casings element.
  • (Surge for Electrified, Hex for Empowering, Burn for Igniting, Poison for Nature)
  • Each of these can only be applied once per mob.
  • A coordinate team should run three different types between their players, to ensure everyone benefits from the 8% (or more from scaling) DoT.


Healers should have a Cut Pristine Diamond in their Lifestaff, and a mobtype weakness gem in their Void Gauntlet.


Tanks should be using a Cut Pristine Carnelian in both weapons.

  • Alternatively, DPS Tanks can use Despised on their Earring while using the same gems as a DPS. You lose your taunts, but as long as you attack you will hold aggro (Not viable for The Depths).