All of the consumables you'll need for New World PvE.



There’s no excuse not to be using infused coatings.

Coating recipes here: Ancients | Angry Earth | Beast | Corrupted | Lost

Honing Stones

Keep in mind honing stones are counted towards your empower cap. You should be using common or above.

Honing stone recipes here: Weak | Common | Strong | Powerful

% Empower4%5%6%7%


You can own three houses, so you should have three trophies. Basic trophies are recommended, as Majors are overpriced.

3x Minors3x Basics3x Majors
% DMG Total:9%12%15%


Gemstone Dust & Oakflesh Balm

Gemstone dust and oakflesh balm function the same way. Gemstone dust is used for elemental absorption; oakflesh balm is used for physical absorption. These count towards your fortify cap unless you’re already above the 50% breakpoint, explained here.

It’s only worth using strong or powerful variants.

% Absorption:25%35%
Effect Duration:20secs or 12hits30s or 15hits

Ward Potions

Infused ward potions offer better protection against mobs in Mutation 10, as their damage is split 50-50. However, they offer no protection against the mutation modifiers like a gemstone dust would.

Ward potion recipes here: Ancients | Angry Earth | Beast | Corrupted | Lost

% Absorption:15%
Effect Duration:30s or 15hits


Powerful Incense | Blight Tinctures | Corruption Tinctures


Below is a comprehensive list of the +40 attribute foods; you should be using one every run. Each food links to its respective recipe on nwdb.