Damage Absorption

Explanation of how damage absorption/mitigation functions

How The Fortify Cap Works

Each of your individual resistances are capped at 50%. Seen here in your inventory:

However, if you’re able to achieve over 50% in this interface, via gems and protection perk, then your cap is set to the % displayed.

This means that if you have, for example, 52% Ice Resistance and you apply 30% Fortify:

  • Your Ice Resistance is set to 52%

  • You cannot increase your Ice Resistance above 52%, except via more gems, so the 30% Fortify is wasted.

  • 30% Fortify is applied to all other resistances, and is capped at 50% in each resistance.

Damage Absorption Formula

Credit to Mixed Nuts.

– This the best guess at the logic behind damage absorption in-game and is what the below calculator is based on.

  • AF = Affixes (Gems)

  • SE = Status Effects (Fortify via healer, abilities, oakflesh or gemstone dust)

  • ABSVitals = Ward armour perks and potions


Put simply, your absorption is: (AF + SE) + ABSVitals

  • AF + SE is capped at 50%, unless AF is over 50% as mentioned above.

Absorption Calculator

If someone's broken this sheet, is currently editing, or you want the master sheet: click here.

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