Answers to frequently asked questions.

Armour Gems

What gems should I have on my armour?

Open World

The majority of damage in the open world is Physical, making Cut Pristine Onyxes the ideal choice. If you’re doing chest runs then use Pristine Pearls.


It depends on the mutation, but we recommend using 8x of the below gems with an elemental protection amulet.

– Void (Eternal): Cut Pristine Amethyst

– Fire (Hellfire): Cut Pristine Ruby

– Eternal (Nature): Cut Pristine Amber

– Icebound (Ice): Cut Pristine Aquamarine

  • If you aren’t above 50% resistance from your gems (7x gems + protection perk), your ideal gem combination depends on the amount of fortify you’re applying, see here for an explanation.

Runeglass Gems

Weapon Gems

What gems should I have on my weapons?


Diamond or Opal are the best to slot in all weapons, in all expeditions.

See here for an explanation or here for Runeglass info.


Lifestaff: Cut Pristine Diamond

VG: Depends on the mobtype, the builds page has the ideal choice listed for each.


Cut Pristine Carnelian on both weapons

Armour Perks

What armour perks are ideal?

The ideal 3 perk combo is: Ward+SkillPerk+Refreshing

Your armour should have at least Ward on all pieces.

Jewellery Perks

What are the best jewellery perks?


Perk 1Perk 2Perk 3
AmuletHealthElemental ProtectionRefreshing or Empowered
RingLegate’s Ring for 150+ DEXSmooth Bone Ring for <150 DEXAlternative - Heart of Heka
EarringRefreshing ToastRefreshingPurifying Toast=Beloved=Evasive >Regenerating


Perk 1Perk 2Perk 3
AmuletHealthElemental ProtectionRefreshing>Fortified
RingSacredHeartyRefreshing or DamageType
EarringRefreshing ToastRefreshingHealthy Toast=Beloved= Evasive=Purifying Toast

Weapon Perks

What perks should my weapons have?

3 Perk BIS is subjective.

Bane and DMGCON is recommended, partnered with Refreshing Move/Keenly Empowered/Mortal Empower/Mortal Refresh.

Refreshing Torrent is BIS on Hatchet.